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Body By Bobby

With nearly a decade of training experience in a variety of environments, I've had the opportunity to be a part of collegiate national championships and life changing accomplishments in personal training. Along this journey I've found one formula that holds true.

Do things that work and avoid things that don't!

I don't worry about what looks cool or what's popular. I stick to results based training.

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Over the last eight years in the Fitness Industry, I've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people in an even wider variety of environments. With experience in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Collegiate Athletics, Corporate Wellness, Youth Training, and Academia, I've had the privilege to see what it takes to achieve an elite level of success. 

Knowing how to train your body to get the changes you want should be common knowledge. However, most people were never taught how the body adapts to daily stress, or how to manage it. Thanks to a number of mentors, professors, and friends, I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the most inquisitive minds in the industry. It's my goal to share that knowledge with you all. I want to use my expertise to help you accomplish your goals, whether that's in athletics, fitness, or wellness.

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Improved Sports Performance

Team Training is the option for any Club, High School, College, or Professional sports team to receive elite level Strength and Conditioning. All training is directed towards improving performance in the given sport.  

I whole heartedly believe the foundation of any great strength and conditioning program is found in developing relationships, in order to form trust and a belief in the process. Without this, all of the science in the world can't make your team better.


Immersed in a Strong and Supportive Culture

$60 1 session

$200 4 Sessions

$360 8 Sessions

$480 12 Sessions

Small Group Training (SGT) is my recommended and most popular option. When you sign up for SGT you will receive your own personalized program, directed towards accomplishing your goals.

Any hour may have up to six clients training at once. There is no Workout Of the Day (WOD) that everyone is performing together. This is you and a handful of other clients all following your own program at the same time.


Personalized Training

$80 1 session

$300 4 sessions

$560 8 sessions

$820 12 Sessions

With Private training you will be getting approximately one hour of one on one attention. Some situations require more focus than can be provided in a small group or team setting. Check out this option if you're dealing with a limitation, returning from an injury, preparing for a Pro Day or Showcasing, or simply if you prefer training alone.

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Virtual Consultation

30min-60min Zoom Q&A

$30/30 minutes

Virtual Consultation is a way for you to ask questions and bounce ideas off of a professional in the industry. These consultations usually consist of questions about a training routine, equipment purchases, form assessment, or general exercise advice. Don't worry about searching through hundred of T-Nation blog posts, just call and ask.


Neuromuscular Reset


RPR is a simple system of breathing and hands on manual therapy techniques that are used to shift your body out of its survival driven compensation patterns, reduce pain, increase flexibility, and help your body become more resilient to injury.


Expert Programming for Independent Use


Online programming allows you to continue training on your own, at your gym of choice, with whomever you want, with some expert guidance on what to do. Simply send a brief description of what you're looking to get out of training and  equipment you have to work with, and I'll send you 4 week of programming.

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Results Driven Training


Jordan Evans

"After a failed surgery, followed by a 14 hours surgery, I had cages, rods, and screws added, two ribs removed, and three life threatening incidents, I was told I would never be able to touch my toes again... With the expertise of Dr. Rachel Jakubowski and the training from Bobby O'Mullan my life is back on track in less than 3 months. I'm able to walk on my own, lift weights, touch my toes, squat and row! I get more excited everyday I walk in to see them. Thanks for everything!"


Noa Rivera

"My background was not of an athlete. I played mainly recreational sport games and kept active. Bobby coached me to be comfortable with unknown territories and to push my body's strengths to exceed limits that I had put in place. I honestly surprised myself a lot and wanted to discover more and more by being comfortable with being uncomfortable."

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Kendall Goldfarb

"Bobby is more than a trainer. With such a great personality, he makes training fun while also keeping it challenging. He will push you past what you thought were your limits and show you what you are truly capable of."

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Orlando, FL, USA

(630) 310-6864

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