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This program is THE most effective plan I’ve ever followed. I wrote it back in 2018 with my coworkers and training partners John Williams, Devin Valencia, and Daniel Sharvit. It started with us combining several of the training methodologies we were following at the time, Triphasic Training, Westside Barbell Conjugate, Feed the Cats.


I’m putting this program out for $1 because I don’t plan on explaining any of the days, what the exercises are, how to read the excel sheet, the purpose of how it’s written, or how to adjust based on your gym. If you care, you’ll figure it out. It’s the best program you’ll ever run. It works. Just do it as written, post about how dope you feel, tell your friends how you’ve never jumped higher in your life, and enjoy turning into a freak for $1.

Fire Squad Protocol

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