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The Sprint Speed Development program is designed to improve anyone’s top speed, vertical jump height, and absolute strength. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to get 1% better for next season, a high school athlete trying to make varsity, or just someone passionate about training, this 8-week program will yield results.


This program combines training methods popularized by Triphasic Training, Westside Barbell, Chris Korfist, Dr. Ken Clark, and more. The underlying framework is, if you want to get faster, you have to run fast. If getting faster was as simple as whoever can squat or power clean more weight will be the fastest, then powerlifters and weightlifters would hold the 100m world record, not Usain Bolt. Following this principle, every week you will have three to five all-out sprints with full recovery in between.


What you'll get...


  • An 8-week progressive program designed to improve your top speed
  • A 13 page eBook that explains the purpose of each workout and how to optimally execute them to achieve the best results
  • Faster, stronger, and more powerful

Sprint Speed Development

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