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A good working relationship is key to pushing past obstacles and into better performance. I've experienced life-changing accomplishments in personal training. 

Greg McCrae

"Bobby, Just want to let you know man I appreciate you a lot. You are very genuine and care about us as humans not just athletes. I love watching your stories and post and how you educate people on a daily about lifting and also you make it fun. The relationship you build with everyone who comes in contact with you is what is beautiful about it. That makes every one wants to work harder and they enjoy coming to work with you because they know they are going to get better and have a great time doing it. I think a lot of people in your profession don’t realize hard work can be fun but you definitely are some one who does realize that it can be. I really appreciate you man for real. Never change, keep being you."

Jordan Evans

"After a failed surgery, followed by a 14 hours surgery, I had cages, rods, and screws added, two ribs removed, and three life threatening incidents, I was told I would never be able to touch my toes again... With the expertise of Dr. Rachel Jakubowski and the training from Bobby O'Mullan my life is back on track in less than 3 months. I'm able to walk on my own, lift weights, touch my toes, squat and row! I get more excited everyday I walk in to see them. Thanks for everything!"

Kendall Goldfarb

"Bobby is more than a trainer. With such a great personality, he makes training fun while also keeping it challenging. He will push you past what you thought were your limits and show you what you are truly capable of."

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